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Borders Academy: Pioneering a Revolution in Learning in Egypt

In the pulsating heart of Cairo, Egypt, a novel sanctuary of education—Borders Academy—breathes life into the realm of language learning and Mental Math. Established in 2014, we are more than just an institution—we are a thriving movement igniting a revolution in the world of education in Egypt. We invite you to journey with us through our rich tapestry of immersive, innovative, and individualized learning.

Where Aspiration Meets Innovation

Situated in the vibrant neighborhoods of Heliopolis and El Haram, our two state-of-the-art centers are complemented by an extensive online program, making the academy's expertise accessible to every corner of Egypt and beyond.

Amidst the echoes of English and French, and the rhythmic hum of numbers, Borders Academy builds linguists and Mental Math magicians.

Pedagogy that Fuels Progress

Our vision is powered by an uncompromising commitment to diverge from the traditional, monotonous method of rote learning. We've seamlessly woven the power of the latest pedagogical techniques with an engaging, communicative approach to learning.

Our focus isn't solely on teaching—it's on fostering a lifelong love for languages and problem solving, equipping each student with the confidence to articulate their thoughts in the language of their choice and to master the world of numbers.

Diverse Programs for Holistic Development

As pioneers in Egypt's educational sector, we offer transformative English and French language programs for children aged 4-16. Whether it's the fluency of General English, Conversational English, or the enchanting world of Reading and Phonetics, our students immerse themselves in engaging group or private classes.

In parallel, our French Language Program illuminates the fundamentals of French through interactive methods, guided by native-speaking teachers.

Power of Mental Math

Our Mental Math program is another cornerstone of our revolution in learning. Designed for students aged 5-12, it's an adventurous journey through the captivating world of numbers and patterns.

We believe that math is more than just equations—it's a language that narrates the story of the universe, a powerful tool that enhances critical thinking, concentration, and memory.

Our approach isn’t just about getting the right answers, but also about understanding the underlying process and the joy in the journey.

Our Pillar of Strength

Standing strong behind the academy's vision and goals is our team of experienced teachers and educators. Their depth of knowledge, infused with their passion for teaching, extends beyond the conventional classroom setting.

Our teachers are not just educators; they are mentors and friends who support and inspire students in an environment that radiates warmth and acceptance.

Borders Academy has etched its unique mark in the educational landscape of Egypt, driven by our zeal for excellence, innovation, and individual achievement.

Whether it’s the power of language you wish to harness or the magic of numbers you seek to unravel, Borders Academy stands as a beacon guiding the way to educational transformation.

Dive into the world of English with our extensive courses, unlock the beauty of French with our interactive classes, or unravel the enigma of numbers with our unique Mental Math program.

We welcome you to experience the difference, to embrace the innovative and engaging environment, and to join our growing community of language enthusiasts and number ninjas.

Let's delve deeper into our language programs

English Programs

Our English courses are a blend of creativity and rigorous learning, turning language learning into an exciting adventure rather than a chore.

Whether your child is just starting their English language journey or polishing their existing skills, our courses are tailored to cater to each individual's needs.

From General English to Conversational English and Reading/Phonetics classes, we adopt diverse methods to make learning English a fascinating process.

French Programs

Parallelly, our French Language Program is a journey of cultural and linguistic immersion. French is not just a language; it's the bearer of a rich and diverse culture that spans multiple continents.

By teaching your child French, we are not just giving them a linguistic tool; we are opening doors to understanding a culture that has influenced various aspects of art, science, and philosophy.

Our curriculum is designed to bring alive the spirit of French culture and history, making the language learning process more meaningful and captivating.

Mental Math Program

Our Mental Math program stands as a testament to our commitment to comprehensive education. Too often, children view math as a daunting subject.

Our goal is to dispel this fear and replace it with a sense of excitement and curiosity. We bring out the fun side of math, demonstrating its practical applications and making it a thrilling subject to explore.

This unique program helps children improve their mental agility, sharpen their focus, and boost their confidence—a critical skill set that will benefit them in all walks of life.

Final Thoughts

The strength of Borders Academy lies in our dedicated team of teachers and educators. Each teacher at our academy is more than just a subject expert—they are passionate mentors committed to fostering a positive learning environment.

They form the foundation of our academy, creating a space where every student feels valued and inspired to achieve their best.

Join us at Borders Academy, where we redefine the contours of learning, inspire minds, and build the leaders of tomorrow. Register your child today and be a part of the revolution. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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